Cyber Security Assessments


Cyber Security Assessments include National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-53 and SP 800-171 compliance assessments.

Tactical Communications


Tactical Communications services supporting your efforts in testing, and fielding the following data links and hardware. TADIL-J (J series messages)/ Link-16, TADIL-A, TADIL-B (M series messages), and VMF.

Representative Business Development​


Representative/Consulting/BD (Business Development) consists of representation on behalf of your company during initial contact concerning requirements identification. If the customer desires we will setup a meeting  between you and that customer.

Engineering Research

Hardware/Software: Assist design of hardware specifications. Test your software, detail anomalies.


Hardware Systems Services: We will help with design and testing of your hardware to your specifications, and/or perform research to find the required hardware.

Software Systems Services: We will help in testing your software on your hardware for interoperability and identification of interop anomalies.

Training Documents Training Courses

Create a training course with documents so you or EDC can train your people and customers.


Training Documents: Empire Defense Consultants will create a training course with documents so you or Empire Defense Consulting can train your people and customers.

Training Services: Effective training provided to personnel based on documentation sets provided or created by the product owner or Empire Defense Consultants.